Jackson Pollock for Sotheby’s



Shot on April 22nd, 2015 in New York City

Prop Stylist: Linda Keil

Post Production: Matthew Keff @ Indicate.Gray

I was approached by Sotheby’s to photograph one of Jackson Pollock’s early career paintings- “Number 12, 1950.”  I wanted to approach this assignment in the same way Pollock  approached his painting; “that is, it’s direct.” The painting is currently up for auction and estimated at $15 million.

What’s in: Clark Gable’s Medicine Cabinet


Clark Gable:

-2 bottles of fluid extract

-1 Bayer Aspirin tin

-Mennen Shave Talc

-Shaving cream brush

-1 Gillette shaving razor kit with extra blades

-1 cigarette filter

-Velvet pipe & cigarette tobacco tin

-Empty glass jar of Listerine antiseptic

-1 pipe

-Revelation Smoking Mixture: The Perfect Pipe Tobacco

-2 tubes: Fasteeth denture powder and Polident solution

-1 Pair of false teeth dentures

-Shoe polish brush

-Esquire fine soft leather cream

-3 army figurines

-Garfield’s headache reliever

-2 tins of Lucky Strike tobacco