What’s in: Clark Gable’s Medicine Cabinet


Clark Gable:

-2 bottles of fluid extract

-1 Bayer Aspirin tin

-Mennen Shave Talc

-Shaving cream brush

-1 Gillette shaving razor kit with extra blades

-1 cigarette filter

-Velvet pipe & cigarette tobacco tin

-Empty glass jar of Listerine antiseptic

-1 pipe

-Revelation Smoking Mixture: The Perfect Pipe Tobacco

-2 tubes: Fasteeth denture powder and Polident solution

-1 Pair of false teeth dentures

-Shoe polish brush

-Esquire fine soft leather cream

-3 army figurines

-Garfield’s headache reliever

-2 tins of Lucky Strike tobacco


The Famous Medicine Cabinet Of: Bozo The Clown


Bozo The Clown:

- Vintage Mattel Jack in the Box, 1953

- Clown figurine with tear drop

- Wicked laughing clown key chain

- Miniature clown figurine holding a wand

- Floating Bozo the Clown figurine for the bath tub

- Doll of Bozo the Clown as a child

- Novelty Bozo the Clown piggy bank

- Bozo Pez dispenser

- Assortment of Bozo the Clown make up and applying sponge

- Baby clown head with blue hat

- The creepiest clown head of all time, with Bozo’s red clown nose dangling from neck

- Baby clown head laughing at you with orange hair and black hat

The Famous Medicine Cabinet of: Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers:

- Jar of extra large condoms

- Syringes for daily Botox injections

- Botox vials

- Post injection cream

- Various prescription drugs

- Rubber chicken and novelty mug

- A used comb with Joan River’s hair

- Miss Piggy diva figurine

- Pearls and gaudy jewelry

- Satin Smooth Face powder

- An assortment of various perfumes

- Various used lipsticks



New Series- The Famous Medicine Cabinet Of:



-1 fly taking in the raw stench of debauchery

-1 empty can of beer

-Half eaten hot dog

-Syringe, matches, lighter, spoon, rusted razor and small bag of heroine

-1 crumbled photograph of Sid and Nancy

-Rabid chain necklace

-1 bloody Jaguar K-11 knife

-1 bloody waving Queen and a hand written “A” for anarchy

-Empty bottle of vodka